RajpathInfracon    18-Dec-2021
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With plenty of know-how in the field of infrastructure, Raj Path Infracon has setting new benchmarks of excellence with each passing day. Turning dreams and hard work into reality, we set a record in May 2021 by constructing 39.691 kms of asphalt road in just 24 hours. The record was achieved at Satara (a district in Maharashtra) with the help of the state’s Public Works Department (PWD). The victorious milestone of the company was celebrated by various organizations like the Builder’s Association of India, All India Association of Civil Engineering Construction Contractors and Builders, and others. In the midst of the pandemic, it is indeed one of the most challenging yet successful projects the company has completed so far. By exceeding the required distance of 30 km to 39.69 km, the company set its benchmark on a much higher note. Many factors have contributed to Raj Path Infracon’s success. To start with the basics, the company ensured hygiene and safety of its staff. It prepared the teams to deal with any uncertainties that could have arisen because of weather conditions, or in logistics and plant-to-site transportation. More than 200 vehicles were used to accomplish its dream task. The target and plan of action were set according to the COVID-19 guidelines laid by the central and state governments.

For Raj Path Infracon, the idea of setting a world record came out of the existing challenges of the pandemic. With the hope of creating new opportunities amid the testing times, the company had set its bar high. When the world was fighting the pandemic, Raj Path Infracon used the possibilities of sending a positive message in the road construction industry by reinstalling the virtues of dedication. The constant aid from various ministries, secretaries, government officials, etc., made the project achievable. Along with that, the contribution of a giant industrial conglomerate (Tata) augmented the company’s operational efficiency.