Phaltan to Pusegaon SH-147

RajpathInfracon    26-Jan-2022
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phaltan to pusegaon

 Project Details

  • Name of Work
    PN-39- Improvement to Phaltan, Pusegaon, Aundh, Gopuj, Nimsod Mhasurne Road SH-147 Km 0/000 to 89/000 Dist Satara (Part-I Phaltan to Pusegaon Km 0/000 to Km 47/000) on Hybrid Annuity Mode
  • Principal Employer
         PWD Maharashtra
  • Executed Cost (Rs. In Lakhs)
  • Date of Work Order

  • Period

          24 Months
  • Principal Features

          Construction of State Highway

Phaltan to Pusegaon
Phaltan to Pusegaon
Phaltan to Pusegaon