Rajpath Infracon Pvt. Ltd.    28-Apr-2022
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LaxmanRao-Kadam(Late) Mr. Laxman Rao Kadam Patil 
Our Chairman and Managing Director, Mr. Jagdish Kadam is the first generation entrepreneur. But the legacy of values he carries has shaped the firm foundations of Rajpath Infracon Pvt. Ltd. Mr. Jagdish Kadam’s father, the late Mr. Laxman Rao Kadam Patil, is an inspiration for the humanitarian values the Organisation holds in the highest esteem. He understood understanding how human beings thrive at work. He highlighted areas that will not just hold a team together but nurture them which will in turn build a strong organization that would be capable of stupendous success.
  • The Physical Environment: Ensuring that the team feels safe and comfortable with what they are provided with. 
  • Well-Being : Providing opportunities to employees for personal growth and development with which they feel proud of their work 
  • Social Interaction : Strengthening bonds among individuals and facilitating access to culture and leisure.
  • Recognition : Making employees feel valued. 
  •  Ease and Efficiency : Simplifying the daily employee experience and improving work-life balance.
Mr. Laxman Rao Kadam Patil demonstrated the immense power that is generated from bringing and putting people (employees) ahead of profits through shared values like authenticity, freedom to contribute, ownership, community, and collaboration. Today, the organization walks on this path leveraging this human connection, and building on it a robust foundation of a sustainable model for indomitable teamwork for the future.
Such values of putting people before work and business is an inherent underlying weave that makes Rajpath Infracon an organization where its team goes beyond professional associations. It only goes to prove that we build our team of people, and our people then make miracles happen for our business.