New Guiness world record by Raj Path Infracon

Rajpath Infracon Pvt. Ltd.    08-Jun-2022
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Raj Path Infracon has created a world record, the Guinness World Records certified. Teaming up with the National Highways Authority of India (NHAI), Rajpath Infracon lodged its name in the Guinness World Records by constructing 84.4 Km continuous Bituminous Concrete in Single Lane on the section of NH-53 between Amravati to Akola within five days.
“The longest piece of asphalt/bituminous concrete laid continuously was achieved by Raj Path Infracon Pvt. Ltd. and Jagdish Kadam (both India) between Amravati and Akola Districts on NH53, India from 3 to 7 June 2022," says the certificate by the Guinness World Records.

Guinness world record certificate
The construction of the Amravati-Akola highway started at 7:27 am on June 3 with the goal of finishing by 9:20 pm on June 7 to achieve the world record. To complete the job in the lowest amount of time, up to 728 personnel and 2500 workers participated, including highway engineers, safety engineers, and surveyors. The task was back-breaking because it was taking place in the scorching Vidarbha with temperature rising up to more than 47 degrees.
It is worthy to mention that the Rajpath Infracon has decided to dedicate this dauntless effort and achievement to the Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav celebrating the 75th anniversary of Indian Independence. On the lines of “Gati-Shakti” project launched by the PM Narendra Modi under the dynamic leadership of Union Roads, Highways and Transport Minister Nitin Gadkari, the Rajpath Infracon’s project aims to achieve integrated and seamless multi-modal connectivity for the movement of people, goods and services across the country.
Honourable Union Road Transport and Highways Minister Nitin Gadkari took to Twitter on Tuesday (7 June) to inform us about NHAI's achievement. He said that the 84.4 Km single lane continuous Bituminous Concrete Road is equivalent to 42.2 Km of 2-Lane Paved shoulder road. The minister added that the team of 728 NHAI employees and 2500 workers including the team of independent consultants were involved in the job that started on 3 June at 7.27 am and was completed on 7 June at 9:20 pm. The work was completed in record time.
The Amravati to Akola section is the part of National Highway-53 and an important East-West corridor, he added. Passing through the mineral-rich region of the country, the section connects major cities like Kolkata, Raipur, Nagpur, Akola, Dhule, and Surat. He congratulated the NHAI team, consultants, and concessionaire Rajpath Infracon Private Limited and Jagdish Kadam - CMD on achieving the Guinness World Record.
Raj Path Infracon had created a world record before the GWR attempt as well. Previously, Raj Path Infracon had pegged a world record by constructing a road between Pusegaon and Mhasurne (in the Satara district of Maharashtra) in 24 hours. NHAI evaluated the credentials of Raj Path Infracon and then it awarded this prestigious assignment to Rajpath Infracon for the stretch of National Highway 6 ( old National Highway 53).
The successful completion of this project and achievement of this record have contributed as a catalyst and helped to promote and uphold the national cause and initiative of “Gati-Shakti”. Raj Path Infracon looks at this as an invaluable opportunity to leave its indelible impression in the domain of nation-building and development commensurate with its motto “Building the Nation Beaming with Pride”.
About the Guinness World Record-
The Guinness World Record was attempted for the longest continuous section of bituminous concrete laid in a single stretch, without any breaks in the work. The entire team had been preparing for this world record for six months working on contingency planning to the micro-planning level .
The material used for this records is mainly bituminous concrete (also called as rolled asphalt, or tarmac) is a material used in civil engineering projects such as road and pavement surfaces made up of pieces of aggregate mixed with asphalt/bitumen as a binding agent. The type and makeup of the best quality bituminous concrete was developed and finalized by Raj Path this tried and tested composition of the bituminous concrete was then submitted for pre-approval prior to the attempt to GWR. GWR approved this composition of which was used for paving the road during this attempt by Raj Path.

Nh53 world record  
Nh53 road construction 
All the technical factors such as the quality of the bituminous concrete used in road construction, the exact depth and the width of the road, along with the quality of the base of the road on which the bituminous concrete was getting laid during this attempt were going to be strictly monitored by GWR authorities during the attempt.
The world record attempt was monitored by the Guinness World Records from their London office too. The green signal for the kick-off was given only after the server connection to their London HO was established. Specialist witnesses, with vast industry experience in the field of road construction were engaged for the exercise of monitoring every minute of the work done, round the clock. Periodic reports were also furnished to the GWR HO by these Specialist Witnesses, to confirm the exact details of road paving in progress as well as to explicitly confirming that all of the rules of the GWR are being adhered to with the highest level of quality assurance by Raj Path Infracon.
The GWR HO had specified in their rules and the regulations that the foundations of the bituminous concrete which was laid onto the road must be of local and regional regulation standards.
According to the GWR rules all the environmental and safety permits for this road construction, legal permits, and approvals were furnished by Raj Path Infracon in compliance to GWR. A HD Video footage recorded non-stop for 5 days was also submitted as evidence to the GWR as a part of official and mandatory documentation.