Rajpath Infracon Pvt. Ltd.    12-May-2023
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Why equal opportunities aren't enough. People come from different places, so true inclusion and belonging require equitable action. It's not just something we say. It's not just something we write about. It's something we need to think about, know, value and embrace. It is what we at Raj Path Infracon believe in, unconditionally. Equity means creating an inclusive world.
The infrastructure sector has traditionally been a male-dominated field. However, with the growing emphasis on gender equality and diversity, the definition of women leaders in this sector has transformed. Today, women working in the infrastructure sector are defined not just by their gender anymore, but by their skills, expertise, proactive initiative, grit and leadership qualities.
When we stand for equal opportunities, we mean to embrace equity. Forging gender equity isn't limited to women solely fighting the good fight. Allies are incredibly important for the social, economic, cultural, and political advancement of women. Collective activism is what drives change. From grassroots action to wide-scale momentum, we all can collectively pave the way to a positive change. Equality is the goal, and equity is the means to get there. When we embrace diversity, we embrace inclusion, we embrace equity.
As a cognizant organisation for this initiative and goal, Raj Path Infracon is now getting POSH compliant too. We understand that a psychologically safe work environment is absolutely essential for conducive work environments where employees feel comfortable, secure, and at ease when it comes to both their physical and emotional safety. Our dedicated effort in this direction is demonstrated through such efforts of compliances, setting up of the IC Committee and running awareness training programs for one and all across the organization. The aim is to completely eliminate even an indication of a hostile working environment breeding negativity and distrust and build a culture and ambience of a better, safer, equal and positive environment.
For such context our IC Committee may be contacted on [email protected]