Rajpath Infracon Pvt. Ltd.    12-May-2023
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 training at rajpath
Training keeps us on top of our game. Learning and development (L&D) is a continual process. The success however depends on not just the enthusiasm and focus of the trainer but also the commitment and involvement of the trainees. Our enthusiastic and experienced Team is engaged in conducting trainings & workshops at all our sites on various aspects of Preventive & Predictive Maintenance of machines and equipment, tool talk, best practices in maintenance of machines to extract optimal output and performance as well as management of documentation, records, systems and safety at work.
 training at rajpath
Constant training is of prime importance in a business like ours, to enhance the knowledge, skills as well as team morale. An employee who receives the necessary training will be able to perform his job more efficiently and effectively as they have a better awareness and understanding of the whole process. This will lead to lesser mistakes on site, lesser accidents as the workers are aware of hazards, and a resultant increase in everyone's performance !